Welcome to Croft Inc

CROFT Inc. has been assisting and housing Perth’s homeless for over 30 years.

Shelter & Support: You Need It, We Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that supports men and women who find themselves homeless, by providing crisis accommodation in a home-like environment. We aim to provide a service that goes beyond basic shelter. Allowing people the time to find their feet and rebuild their lives.

We are a Perth-based not-for-profit crisis housing provider that pro-actively addresses the needs of those seeking emergency shelter and support by offering safe and secure accommodation and by facilitating rehabilitation as needed, in an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.


What We Do

Reasons for homelessness vary with acute poverty on top of the list. Our lodgers have fallen on hard times through various circumstances. All are in need of a place they can call home where they can start to rebuild their lives without judgement but with practical help.

CROFT Inc. offers people time to catch their breath, a chance to re-evaluate their lives and assists them to get back on their feet, whilst providing a roof over their head in a safe, welcoming, secure and ‘home-away from home’ environment. It gives our lodgers a chance to restart their lives so that they can rejoin main stream society.

There are 9,592 people who on any given night who find themselves homeless in Western Australia.*

Our vision is to do ourselves out of a job and End Homelessness, but until then we have a lot of people to assist rebuild their lives.

CROFT Inc. aims to avoid the ‘institutional’ feel associated with many homeless shelters. To any casual passer-by, our units look like normal accommodation and this is exactly what we want them to be.

We believe that our facilities give our lodgers a sense of belonging and increase their chances of a speedy re-integration and rehabilitation allowing them to find their feet and restart their lives in an environment that more closely replicates ordinary housing standards.

CROFT Inc. aims to provide as normal an environment to its lodgers as possible. While our seven units are shared accommodation, they are furnished and equipped in a manner that removes any of the institutionalized feel of many similar providers. Our intent is to get our lodgers to feel part of everyday society and be encouraged to resume their connections to building a secure, fulfilling life around themselves.

CROFT Inc. receives no government support for its work and has to run its operations with the income generated by the accommodation it provides and through charitable donations.

*ABS Census



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