Our Accomodation and Fees

CROFT Inc. has seven self-contained units and offers these shared accommodations for men and women on a daily, weekly and bi-monthly basis.

Kitchen and laundry facilities are avialable in each unit.

Our rates:

Daily rate:         $30.00

Weekly rate:    $185.00

Plus a refundable $40 key/linen deposit.

While we strive to keep the CROFT environment as friendly as possible, in the interests of all our lodgers, we have a no alcohol or drugs on the premises at any time policy that is strictly adhered to.

We expect our lodgers to respect this. Failure to comply, will result in an immediate termination of the accommodation provided.

Please note, we are currently unable to offer accommodation for lodgers seeking or in need of special services (such as mental health support etc.).

CROFT Inc. aims to provide an as normal an environment to its lodgers as possible. While our seven units are shared accommodation, they are furnished and equipped in a manner that removes any of the institutionalized feel of many similar providers.

Our intent is to get our lodgers to feel part of everyday society and be encouraged to resume their connections to building a secure, fulfilling life around themselves.